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ZX Spectrum Diagnostics

By Brendan Alford (

Original version by Dylan Smith.

See the following pages for details of this diagnostic suite:

  • Firmware - the diagnostic ROM and its usage
  • Tape Tests - Tape based tests, cut down and designed to be run on a partially working Spectrum
  • Spectranet - A version of the diagnostic ROM specifically designed for the Alioth Spectranet peripheral. Note, this is deprecated as of v0.35.
  • ROM Check Utility - A standalone ROM checksum utility, designed for a quick and dirty ROM test or for producing ROM checksums of previously unknown ROM sets.
  • Hardware - the DiagBoard hardware and its design, and how it works
  • Flash Utility - utility provided to manage flashing of firmware images to the DiagBoard Flash memory
  • FAQ - When RTFM just won't do :)
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