A map of corporate lobby art in Manhattan.
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Museum of Lobby Art

Corporate office tower lobbies are not exactly the first places you think of when you want to see top-notch modern and contemporary art. However, large corporations often have outstanding art collections and use their building lobbies and plazas as venues to display a selection of their works. This online museum catalogs some of the highlights of corporate art collections on display in Manhattan.

View the interactive map.


New York City has a number of excellent public arts programs.


While I try to document everything I can, there's no way one person can find every single work of art worth documenting in Manhattan. I will gladly review any submissions of works to include, but I intend to keep the official fork tightly curated.

All documented locations are geoJSON features using the format described below. Each location should include additional metadata in the properties dictionary.

  "type": "Feature",
  "geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [<LNG>, <LAT>]},
  "properties": {
    "feature-type": "<FEATURE-TYPE>",
    "Location": "<BUILDING-NAME>",
    "Address": "<BUILDING-ADDRESS>",
    "Artist": "<ARTIST-NAME>",
    "Title": "<WORK-TITLE>",
    "Image": "<WORK-IMAGE-URL>"

At a minimum, the metadata requires either a location or an address, the artist's name, and the title of the work. Additionally, the URL for a Creative-Commons licensed image may be included.

The feature-type property determines the marker color in the map interface and is one of "private-lobby", "private-outdoor", "public-lobby", or "public-outdoor".

To submit additional points of interest, fork the project, add data points, and submit a pull request.