A system for creating google calendar events through phone call and text.
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Twilio Calendar

Twilio Calendar is a simple application that allows a user to schedule Google Calendar events by calling or texting a twilio number.


You need a twilio account. You can sign up for a free account, though it will require that you use a pin number with every request. An SMS might look like:

Dinner at Judy's house @8pm Sunday

If you make a phone call, you will need to enter this pin before you can record your message.


You need to be running a web server that can run PHP with MySQL installed.

Google API

Everything to run this app is included in lib, but for actual Google API usage, you should refer to the documentation provided by Google.

Installation and Demo


  • copy files to a webserver

  • mv calendar.ini.sample calendar.ini

  • add your database information to calendar.ini

  • create a twilio account

  • point SMS url to [yourdomain]/twilio-calendar/addEvent.php

  • point Voice url to [yourdomain]/twilio-calendar/recordCall.php

A live demo is hosted at http://www.brendanblackwood.com/twilio-calendar


Right now, everything is stored in plain text. That means that I'm taking no precautions with your precious, precious google data. I can promise that I won't steal your passwords for anything (or even look at them), but from a security standpoint, I recommend using a test account. I'm planning on implementing Google's AuthSub authentication, but I haven't done so yet.