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@@ -91,8 +91,41 @@ USAGE: ./ [options] infile > outfile.svg
--fontsize # font size (default 12)
--countname # count type label (default "samples")
--nametype # name type label (default "Function:")
+ --colors # "hot", "mem", "io" palette (default "hot")
+ --hash # colors are keyed by function name hash
+ --cp # use consistent palette (
./ --titletext="Flame Graph: malloc()" trace.txt > graph.svg
As suggested in the example, flame graphs can process traces of any event,
such as malloc()s, provided stack traces are gathered.
+Consistent Palette
+If you use the --cp option, it will use the $colors selection and randomly
+generate the palette like normal. Any future flamegraphs created using the --cp
+option will use the same palette map. Any new symbols from future flamegraphs
+will have their colors randomly generated using the $colors selection.
+If you don't like the palette, just delete the file.
+This allows your to change your colorscheme between flamegraphs to make the
+differences REALLY stand out.
+Say we have 2 captures, one with a problem, and one when it was working
+(whatever "it" is):
+cat working.folded | ./ --cp > working.svg
+# this generates a, as per the normal random generated look.
+cat broken.folded | ./ --cp --colors mem > broken.svg
+# this svg will use the same for the same events, but a very
+# different colorscheme for any new events.
+Take a look at the demo directory for an example:

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