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timbunce commented Feb 15, 2013

Hello Brendan.

I'm working on integrating flame graphs into Perl's Devel::NYTProf profiler.
I'd like to suggest a few features that would help me with that integration.

  • Add option(s) to make the svg areas be links. Something like --linkfmt "../foo/%s/src" where the %s gets replaced with the function name. So when
  • Options to change the wordings: the title, "Function", "sample" etc. For my use "Function" would be "Subroutine" and "samples" would be "microseconds".
  • Add separators into the count, so 18459905 would be shown as 18,459,905.

If you like the ideas I'll develop them and send you pull requests.


brendangregg commented Mar 17, 2013

The first bullet was cut off - but sounded interesting so far. :) The diffs have looked good so far, and have kept the program short which is great.


timbunce commented Mar 18, 2013

I don't know what I meant to say with that first bullet, but the way I've implemented the linking seems much better anyway.

I think I'm done now, baring any problems I find in actual usage.

The Flame Graph will be the headline feature of the NYTProf v5 release. Thanks!


brendangregg commented Mar 19, 2013

Sounds great! I just tried NYTProf on a small sample Perl program, and it worked great, but I can see that once the program gets large a Flame Graph may really help wade through all the data. Should identify inclusive/exclusive time visually too, which should be neat.


timbunce commented Apr 10, 2013

I think we can call this done now :)
Many thanks Brendan!

timbunce closed this Apr 10, 2013

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