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Pelican config + theme/plugins for the site
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Pelican configs/themes/plugins for


This git repo holds the config files, theme files and plugin files I use to generate the site


  • Pelican 3.6.x
  • BeautifulSoup4
  • Markdown

For a full list of python depances see Pelican install guide

Directory overview

  • -- This file
  • -- Pelican config + dev settings
  • -- Pelican config (inherited) + prod settings
  • plugins
    • -- Tipue search plugin (unmodified from upstream)
    • pelican_comment_system -- Static pelican comment plugin (unmodified from upstream)
  • theme
    • pelican-bootstrap3 -- My current theme (modified from upstream)

Details on modfictions

  • and are fully commented in-line, please see each file for the meaning of each setting.
  • pelican-bootstrap3
    • Ripped out any social media rubbish (facebook, twitter etc) [Ongoing effort]
    • Updated tipue search to v5 to resolve search page generation issue

Work flow for a new blog post

This section makes use of the included "Makefile".
Only change to the Makefile was :

SSH_USER= oldmate
SSH_TARGET_DIR= /dev/null
  1. Write a new article.
    vim content/
    The header should contain the follwoing :

    title: Check out my new post
    Category:  howto
    slug: check-my-post
    date: 2015-12-12
    summary: How to write the headers for a new post on my blog
  2. Test it localy
    run : "make html"
    run : "make serve"
    View in web browser "http://localhost:8000"

  3. Publish to web server
    run : "make publish"
    run : "make rsync_upload"

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