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Instruments a JavaScript file to record its call graph and (optionally) time spent in each function. When the file is run in the browser, a trace can be converted to the Chrome CPU profile format for viewing in DevTools.

Super buggy and doesn't work for most fairly normal code. Don't actually use this :)


./call-trace.js input.js --time > output.js

When the output is loaded and then run, a global variable _$wɔk is created containing a trace through the code you just ran.

A CPU profile can be generated from the trace:


Then save your clipboard contents and load in Chrome DevTools.


Exploring the data

The global variable _$wɔk also has the following properties:

  • file: the full path of the original source file.
  • fns: a list of all functions found in the file.
  • t: a record of the call graph. Positive values represent entering a function (with the value indicating a function in f) and negative values represent exiting a function (with the absolute value indexing f).
  • d: a record of timestamps for every entry in t. Only created if the --time option was specified.