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= SMS Fu

Want to send an SMS from your Rails application? SMS Fu allows you to do just that.
It allows you to send a text-message in the form of an e-mail to a cell phone on any
of the supported carriers.

== Supported Carriers (US & International):

Alltel, Ameritech, AT&T, BellSouth Mobility, BlueSkyFrog, Boost Mobile, Cellular South,
E-Plus, Fido, kajeet, Metro PCS, Powertel, PSC Wireless, Qwest, Southern Link, Sprint,
Suncom, T-Mobile (US/UK/Germany), Telefonica, Virgin Mobile, Verizon Wireless,
Vodafone (UK,Italy,Japan, Spain)

== Setup Instructions

Add this this one line to the controller you want to be able to use SMS Fu in.

class ExampleController < ApplicationController include SMSFu end

Modify sms_fu.yml in your config folder with your reply-to e-mail address.

That’s it! Now you’re good to go.

== Example Usage

  • You have to send in the phone number, without any non-numeric characters. The
    phone numbers must be 10 digits in length.
  • The two required parameters are the phone number and the phone carrier.
  • Here are some of the default carrier values:
Alltel Wireless => “alltel” AT&T/Cingular => “at&t” Boost Mobile => “boost” Sprint Wireless => “sprint” T-Mobile US => “t-mobile” T-Mobile UK => “t-mobile-uk” Virgin Mobile => “virgin” Verizon Wireless => “verizon” Vodafone Tokyo => “vodafone-jp-tokyo”
  • Check sms_fu.yml for a complete list of supported carriers, including international
    carriers as well.
deliver_sms(“5558675309”,“at&t”,“your message here”)
  • You can set the maximum length of the SMS message, which is not set by
    default. Most phones can only accept 128 characters. To do this just
    specify the limit option.
deliver_sms(“5558675309”,“at&t”,“your message here”, :limit => 128)
  • You can retrieve just the formatted address to use in your own mailer.
get_sms_address(“5558675309”,“at&t”) # => “5558675309@txt.att.net”

Copyright © 2008 Brendan G. Lim, Intridea, Inc., released under the MIT license