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I'm a Web Developer with varied commercial experience in web-based development, training and management. I'm proficient with various front-end and back-end platforms and programming languages. I have a passion to continually learn improved methods and techniques.

Work Experience

  • Web Developer 4mation — Dec 2017 - present I work with a team of developers on varied web projects using modern techniques and frameworks. I also lead technical decisions, mentor junior developers, update documentation and manage development tasks on some major projects.
  • ACT Project Manager Sentral Education — Sep 2016 - Dec 2017 I managed a large development project which included scoping out requirements, organising development tasks for the team and managing expectations internally and externally. Another important part of this role was to organise meetings with clients and business partners and then translate these discussions in to actionable items for the development team.
  • Web Developer Sentral Education — Jan 2015 - Sep 2016 I worked in the development team assisting with maintenance and development of new features for various software products using various front-end and back-end frameworks and languages.
  • Lead Developer: Siteflex Classic Solutions Outsourced — Jul 2014 - Dec 2014 I lead a team of developers who built websites using Siteflex Clasic. This role also included scoping out and developing new features.
  • Developer and Creator UpcomingTasks — Sep 2012 - Nov 2016 I created an open-source responsive Basecamp 2 client called UpcomingTasks to easily manage tasks on smaller devices. It used the official API to interact with Basecamp 2 tasks, projects and user data. The system had around 1,000 loyal users.
  • Siteflex Back-end Developer Solutions Outsourced — Jun 2012 - Jun 2014 I worked with a team of developers on an internal CMS and SMS/email marketing platform called Siteflex. This included development of new features and maintenance of the product.
  • Web Developer Solutions Outsourced — Sep 2009 - May 2012 I contributed to the development team by implementing websites on the Siteflex Classic platform, assisted with customer support and planned and maintained a training system for Siteflex.
  • Field Assistant PBA Surveyors — Apr 2004 - Sep 2009 I worked with a team of Cadastral and Construction Surveyors around Sydney. I also developed their company website in my free time.


  • PHP 11 years experience I've been creating and maintaining commercial web services and websites using PHP for over ten years. I'm continually improving my skills including learning new OOP methods and participating in discussions on Twitter and contributing to open-source projects on GitHub.
  • HTML & CSS 11 years experience My HTML and CSS skills have evolved since I first started building websites in 2007. I use my website to try out new techniques as they become supported by major modern browsers.
  • JavaScript 8 years experience I've built many web systems that utilise JavaScript. This began with jQuery and now includes varied experience using more modern frameworks such as Angular and Node.
  • Linux 8 years experience I've configured and maintained various web-based systems on Linux servers and can manage them comfortably via the command line.
  • Git 5 years experience I have solid knowledge of managing software with Git, including branch management, creating releases and resolving conflicts.
  • Project Management 3 years experience I've managed development on web-based platforms, including feature scoping, task delegation, code reviews and client consultations. I believe that constant communication, honesty and transparency is important at all stages of the software development process.


Brendan has developed the skill to look at tasks objectively, keeping calm under pressure while aiming to achieve the best results for clients. Brendan's eye for detail, in particular with regard to thorough planning and documentation, is also highly noteworthy.