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A minimalistic photo gallery with images stored on Amazon S3 and just the features you want.
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noobgallery is a static photo gallery powered by lightgallery.js. It can be deployed to Amazon S3, which allows a huge amount of storage. (around $0.02/GB per month).

You can see noobgallery in action at


noobgallery uses Amazon S3 to host images. You'll need to:

  • Create an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Set the bucket to be publicly readable.
  • Enable static website hosting on the bucket, use index.html as the index document. Note the bucket URL.
  • Create an IAM user with AmazonS3FullAccess permission programatic access to the S3 bucket and get the Access key id and secret access key.

Add a .env file with the following variables:

GALLERY_TITLE=Your Gallery Name
FOOTER_HTML=&copy; 2019 <a href="">A great photographer</a>


Install dependencies

npm install

Organizing images

Create a folder to contain all your galleries, and then a folder for each gallery. The name of the folder will be the name of the gallery, with underscores converted to spaces.

Galleries will be sorted by createDate from the image EXIF data.

If you want to specify which image should be the cover representing an entire gallery, name it cover.jpg. This is optional, if no file named cover.jpg is found it will use the first image chronologically.

Example directory structure:

├── favicon.ico
├── new_york
│   ├── cover.jpg
│   ├── file2.jpg
│   └── file3.jpg
└── barcelona   
    ├── file1.jpg
    ├── file2.jpg
    └── file3.jpg

Optionally, you can include a favicon.ico file in your gallery root folder.

Image Metadata

If an image has an XMP Title set, this will be used as the photo title. The XMP Description will be used as the photo description. If this information isn't set, no title or description will be show.

Want to add metadata to a photo manually with the command line? Use exiftool to do:

exiftool -XMP:Title="The Eiffel Tower" -XMP:Description="A nice description of this" /path/to/your/image.jpg 

Preprocessing and running locally

A preprocessing and publishing task is included that takes a folder of folders that contain images and preps them and uploads them to Amazon S3 for use on a gallery website.

It creates resized versions of all photos that are 3000px wide in a subfolder called large, 800px wide in a subfolder called medium and 200px wide in a subfolder called thumbs. It also summarizes each folder as a JSON file called index.json with image metadata and paths to images.

To run the preprocessing task:

npm run build

If your .env file is has the correct variables, images will be processed locally and moved to the ./build folder inside of this project.

To run locally

npm start

Open http://localhost:5000 in your browser.


You can deploy the site to Amazon S3 with:

npm run deploy

This will work as long as you specify your AWS S3 credentials in a .env file.

After publishing, you can view your gallery using the AWS S3 URL you set up, which can be a custom domain name that you own. See more about static hosting with Amazon S3.

If you want cleaner URLs, you can set up Amazon CloudFront CDN and setup a Lambda@Edge function to set subdirectory indexes. If you do this, you can set USE_INDEX_FILE to false in the .env file and index.html will be removed from all links.


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