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Brendan O'Connor and Olutobi Owoputi 2013-07-26
Our NAACL paper reports 90.0% token accuracy under cross-validation on the
original "Ritter/PTB" dataset. Derczynski et al. (RANLP 2013, available on
the GATE tagger's website) developed and evaluated on this dataset, and the
first author argued their results are not comparable with ours, because the
splits were different. So we re-did training and evaluation using their
splits, kindly provided by the replication materials downloadable in the GATE
Twitter POS tagger:
and specifically,
Token-level accuracy: the first is the new experiment. The second and third
were reported in Derczynski et al.
90.4% ARK tagger
88.7% GATE tagger
84.6% T-POS (the original tagger from Ritter et al. 2011)
Even though this evaluation set is very small (118 tweets, 2291 tokens),
the difference between the first two is significant under a paired test.
Sentence-level accuracy:
22.0% ARK tagger
20.3% GATE tagger
9.3% T-POS
The difference between the first two is not significant under a paired test.
(The statistical power is very low: there are just 14 tweets where one tagger
is right and the other wrong, and ARK is right 8/14 times.)
Note that these whole-tweet accuracy numbers are out of only 118 tweets.
Comparisons like this are easy to run with our tagger: we just followed the
documentation in docs/training.txt.
Materials for this experiment are saved in:
Owoputi et al. NAACL 2013:
Derczynski et al. RANLP 2013: