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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""setvenn <set1> <set2>
Venn diagram overview of two files as sets.
Show interesting counts and Jaccard ratio.
-s : Show items of the set differences.
We don't newline chomp, so a bug if your file doesnt end with a newline
Dash - for stdin (e.g. cut/awk/sed/grep)
Though in zsh, =(cmd) syntax is superior: can do 2 pipeline inputs
from __future__ import division
import sys
if '-s' in sys.argv:
sys.argv.pop( sys.argv.index('-s') )
show_items = True
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
print __doc__.strip()
file1,file2 = sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]
file1 = sys.stdin if file1=='-' else open(file1)
file2 = sys.stdin if file2=='-' else open(file2)
if file1==file2==sys.stdin: raise Exception("can't both be stdin")
a,b = set(file1), set(file2)
_and = a & b
_or = a | b
w = len(str(len(_or)))
w = max(w, 5)
print " |A| = %*d |A&B| = %*d |B| = %*d" % (w,len(a), w,len(_and), w,len(b))
print "|A-B| = %*d |AvB| = %*d |B-A| = %*d" % (w,len(a-b), w,len(_or), w,len(b-a))
print " AB/A %-*.3f Jacc = %-*.3f AB/B %-*.3f" % (
w,len(_and)/len(a) if len(a) else float('nan'),
w,len(_and)/len(_or) if len(_or) else float('nan'),
w,len(_and)/len(b) if len(b) else float('nan'))
if show_items:
print "\n*** |A-B| = %*d ***" % (w,len(a-b),)
for x in (a-b): print x,
print "\n*** |B-A| = %*d ***" % (w,len(b-a),)
for x in (b-a): print x,
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