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#!/usr/bin/env python
Convert a stream of JSON objects to TSV, extracting the keys
you specify into columns.
If you don't specify any keys, it tries to figure out the set of all keys.
import json as jsonmod
exec "import ujson as jsonmod"
except ImportError:
import sys,re,itertools
import tsvutil
#all_json = jsonmod.load(sys.stdin)
#assert isinstance(all_json, list) and len(all_json)>0
#item1 = json[0]
#keys = items1.keys()
#json_iter = all_json
def safe_json_iter(raw_json_iter):
for raw in raw_json_iter:
data = jsonmod.loads(raw)
yield data
except Exception, e:
# print>>sys.stderr, type(e), e
# print>>sys.stderr, repr(raw)
def take(n, iterable):
"Return first n items of the iterable as a list"
return list(itertools.islice(iterable, n))
def order_keys(keys, item_sample):
# Some heuristics that may or may not help
from collections import defaultdict
types = defaultdict(list)
lengths = defaultdict(list)
mid = int(len(item_sample)/2)
def median(L): return L[mid]
for item in item_sample:
for key in keys:
value = item[key]
if isinstance(value, unicode):
lengths = dict((k, 0 if not L else median(L)) for (k,L) in lengths.items())
# types = dict((k,tsvutil.mode(L)) for k,L in types.items())
types = dict((k,L[0]) for k,L in types.items())
prios = [
lambda k: k=='id',
lambda k: k.endswith('_id'),
lambda k: k==('docid'),
lambda k: True]
def score(key):
prio = [i for i,f in enumerate(prios) if f(key)][0]
return (prio, lengths.get(key,0))
return sorted(keys, key=score)
args = sys.argv[1:]
if '-c' in args:
json_iter = safe_json_iter(sys.stdin)
keys = args
if not keys:
top = take(1000, json_iter)
keys = set()
for item in top: keys |= set(item.keys())
keys = order_keys(keys, top)
json_iter = itertools.chain(top, json_iter)
BAD_WS = re.compile(r"[\r\n\t]")
def clean_cell(x):
if x is None: return ""
if isinstance(x, unicode):
return BAD_WS.sub(" ", x.encode('utf-8'))
if isinstance(x, str):
return BAD_WS.sub(" ", x)
return x
def stringify(x):
if isinstance(x, str) and not isinstance(x, unicode): return x
if isinstance(x, unicode): return x.encode('utf-8')
return str(x)
def lookup(json, k):
# limited hacky subset of jpath
parts = k.split('.')
v = json
for i,part in enumerate(parts):
if part.endswith(']'):
m ='^([^\]]+)\[([^\]])\]$', part)
if not m: raise Exception("wtf: %s" % repr(part))
k,ind = m.groups()
ind = eval(ind)
v = v[k]
v = v[ind]
k = part
v = v.get(k, '' if i==len(parts)-1 else {})
return v
print "\t".join([k.encode('utf-8') for k in keys])
for json in json_iter:
print "\t".join([stringify(clean_cell(lookup(json,k))) for k in keys])
#print "\t".join([clean_cell(json[k]) for k in keys])
#print(*[clean_cell(json[k]) for k in keys], sep="\t")
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