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#!/usr/bin/env python
""" like 'cut' but assumes a header and you specify the columns you want by
name instead of position
not as good as 'namecut', use that instead
import sys
names = []
for x in sys.argv:
if x.startswith('-f'):
name = x[2:]
if not name: raise Exception("need column name")
#print names
input = sys.stdin
header = input.readline()[:-1].split("\t")
if any(n not in header for n in names):
raise Exception("all specified names must be in the header")
name_pos = [header.index(n) for n in names]
print "\t".join([header[i] for i in name_pos])
for line in input:
pieces = line[:-1].split("\t")
out = [pieces[i] for i in name_pos]
print "\t".join(out)