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Export Entry

Version: 0.4.2
Author: Brendan Abbott <brendan@bloodbone.ws>
Build Date: 30th August 2010
Github Repository: http://github.com/brendo/export_entry
Requirements: Symphony 2.0.6, ASDC & DatabaseManipulator Extension

Based on the Bulk Importer extension, this extension allows you to
export entries from a particular section, with the option to filter entries
by a linked bilink or selectbox link entry.

Export Entry outputs a csv file of the exported entries for download using each
fields own prepareTableValue function to determine the output value.

[Bilink Field] http://github.com/rowan-lewis/bilinkfield
[ASDC] http://github.com/pointybeard/asdc
[Database Manipulator] http://github.com/yourheropaul/databasemanipulator


1. 	Install the extension to extensions/export_entry


1. 	Go to the System -> Export Entry menu
2. 	Choose the section that contains the entries you want
3. 	Optionally select a bi-link/selectbox-link field to filter on
	3.5  Choose your filter handle
4.  Export

[0.4]	Added support to filter on and export entries using the Select Box Link field
	Tidied up the Javascript to be a bit nicer & faster
	Added some basic localisation support
	Better Error Handling when DatabaseManipulator is not present

[0.3]	Completely overhauled the output to use each fields prepareTableValue function

[0.2]	Now returns 'first item' from linked BiLink Fields in CSV
	Fixed UI Bug when switching from between sections
	Checks that field has data before output

[0.1]	Initial