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<h3>Our Github Page</h3>
<p>If you would like to make changes to this repo, follow the code below: </p>
<pre><code>$ cd your_repo_root/repo_name
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout gh-pages
The goal of this project is to release an open source software capable of easily backing up any dvd. The software should be able to take any DVD, rename it, rip it, compress it, and retirieve meta data. It should complete all those steps without any user input.
<img src="images/PertChart.png" />
<h4>Movie Names</h4>
<p>Most DVD's do not follow any sort of naming convention and often come with zero meta data. This leads to an interesting problem, how can a program know what the movie name is if the DVD comes with zero information or meta data? The answer was developed by Microsoft when they released their media center. They built a hashing algorithm that creates a unique ID based on files sizes and creation dates. This ID then can be mapped back to a database to retrieve the correct meta data. We will need to either find or develop the function to create the DVDId as well as use that to download the meta data from a website like MovieDB.</p>
<p>The DVDid is the unique identifier for a DVD movie. Calculating this without using the Windows SDK is difficult.</p>
<h4>Windows Support</h4>
<p>A lot of software exists for Windows for portions of what we want (rip DVD, copy DVD to ISO, etc), but these applications 1) are not free and 2) don't provide an API or CLI. Since the project's goal is to minimize user intervention, none of these are acceptable. Software does exist for Linux and Mac OS X, but porting can be non-trivial. The following may need to be ported:</p>
<li><a href="">dvdbackup</a>- extracts data quickly from DVDs (doesn't transcode)</li>
<li><a href="">mkisofs</a>- creates ISO files from a directory (may already work on Windows)</li>
<p>Windows provides an interface, <a href="">WMI</a>, that provides events and information, such as the state of a disk drive. To get this working with Python, the <a href="">python WMI wrapper library</a> needs to be installed. For older operating systems (Win9x or NT4), Windows support needs to be installed. This is not necessary for recent versions of Windows.</p>
<h3>Authors and Contributors</h3>
<a href="" class="user-mention">@brendonbeebe</a> - Project Head / Developer<br />
<a href="" class="user-mention">@beatgammit</a> - Developer (ripping and transcoding) <br />
<a href="" class="user-mention">@thetjyoung</a> - Developer (Windows Installer and updates) <br />
<a href="" class="user-mention">@skyle143</a> - Developer (Windows services and updates)<br />
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<p><a href="" class="avatar"><img src=";d=" width="48" height="48"/></a> <a href="">brendonbeebe</a> maintains <a href="">Automoviearchive</a></p>
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