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pyth - Python text markup and conversion

Pyth is intended to make it easy to convert marked-up text between different common formats.

*Marked-up text* means text which has:

* Paragraphs
* Headings
* Bold, italic, and underlined text
* Hyperlinks
* Bullet lists
* Simple tables
* Very little else

Formats I initially want to support are:

* xhtml
* rtf
* pdf (output)

These three formats cover web, Word / OpenOffice, and print. 

Design principles

* Ignore unsupported information in input formats (e.g. page layout)
* Ignore font issues -- output in a single font.
* Ignore specific text sizes -- support relative sizes (bigger, littler) only. Output in a single base size.
* Have no dependencies unless they are written in Python, and work
* Make it easy to add support for new formats, by using an architecture based on *plugins* and *adapters*.



Unit tests

The sources contains some unit tests (written using python unittest
module) in the 'tests' directory.

To run the tests we can either run them individually as python script,
either use `python nose`_.  If using nose then we just need to go into
the tests directory and invoke nosetest from there (make sure that
pyth module is in PYTHONPATH).

.. _python nose: