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import sys, os, os.path, yaml
from schemup.upgraders import registerUpgrader, Upgrader
def find(dirpath):
for dirname, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(dirpath):
for filename in filenames:
loader = fileLoaders.get(os.path.splitext(filename)[1])
if loader is not None:
yield dirname, filename, loader
def loadPython(dirname, filename):
sys.path.insert(0, dirname)
def loadYAML(dirname, filename):
blocks = []
for doc in yaml.load_all(
open(os.path.join(dirname, filename), 'rb')):
block = _getBlock(doc, blocks)
blocks.insert(0, block)
def _getBlock(doc, blocks):
block = {
'tableName': doc['table'],
'fromVersion': doc['from'] if 'from' in doc else _getFromPrevious(doc, blocks),
'toVersion': doc['to'],
'dependencies': [(table, version) for [table, version] in doc.get('depends', [])],
'upgrader': _getUpgrader(doc),
return Upgrader(**block)
def _getFromPrevious(doc, blocks):
for upgrader in blocks:
if upgrader.tableName == doc['table']:
return upgrader.toVersion
raise ValueError("Upgrader has no 'from' and no preceding block", doc)
def _getUpgrader(doc):
if 'sql' in doc:
upgrader = lambda db, sql=doc['sql']: db.execute(sql)
upgrader.__name__ = "YAML_SQL_upgrader"
return upgrader
raise ValueError("Couldn't find upgrader", doc)
fileLoaders = {
'.py': loadPython,
'.yaml': loadYAML,
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