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import sys
from collections import deque
# table -> {(from, to) -> function}
registeredUpgraders = {}
class Upgrader(object):
def __init__(self, tableName, fromVersion, toVersion, upgrader, dependencies=()):
self.tableName = tableName
self.fromVersion = fromVersion
self.toVersion = toVersion
self.upgrader = upgrader
self.dependencies = list(dependencies)
def copy(self):
return Upgrader(self.tableName, self.fromVersion, self.toVersion,
self.upgrader, self.dependencies)
def run(self, dbSchema):
if self.upgrader is None:
print >>sys.stderr, "Upgrading %s (%s => %s)" % (self.tableName, self.fromVersion, self.toVersion)
def __repr__(self):
return "<%s: %s => %s (%s)>" % (
self.tableName, self.fromVersion, self.toVersion, self.upgrader)
def registerUpgrader(upgrader):
if upgrader.tableName not in registeredUpgraders:
registeredUpgraders[upgrader.tableName] = {}
tableUpgraders = registeredUpgraders[upgrader.tableName]
if upgrader.fromVersion not in tableUpgraders:
tableUpgraders[upgrader.fromVersion] = {}
versionUpgraders = tableUpgraders[upgrader.fromVersion]
if upgrader.toVersion in versionUpgraders:
raise ValueError("Upgrader already exists for %s (%s => %s)" % (
upgrader.tableName, upgrader.fromVersion, upgrader.toVersion))
versionUpgraders[upgrader.toVersion] = upgrader
def upgrader(tableName, fromVersion, toVersion, dependencies=()):
Decorator shortcut for registerUpgrader
def decorate(function):
upgrader = Upgrader(tableName, fromVersion, toVersion, function, dependencies)
return function
return decorate
# ------------------------------------------------------------
def pathToCurrent(tableName, currentVersion):
path = UpgradePath([])
for upgrader in findUpgradePath(tableName, None, currentVersion).steps:
stubUpgrader = upgrader.copy()
stubUpgrader.upgrader = None
return path
def findUpgradePath(tableName, fromVersion, toVersion):
upgraders = registeredUpgraders.get(tableName, {})
stubUpgrader = Upgrader(tableName, None, fromVersion, None)
initialPath = UpgradePath([ stubUpgrader ])
paths = deque([ initialPath ])
while paths:
path = paths.popleft()
lastVersion = path.lastVersion()
if lastVersion == toVersion:
return path
for (nextVersion, upgrader) in upgraders.get(lastVersion, {}).iteritems():
paths.append( path.pushNew(upgrader) )
raise ValueError("No upgrade path for %s (%s -> %s)" % (tableName, fromVersion, toVersion))
class UpgradePath(object):
def __init__(self, steps=None, seen=None):
self.steps = steps or []
self.seen = seen or set()
def copy(self):
return UpgradePath(self.steps[:], self.seen.copy())
def push(self, upgrader):
if upgrader.toVersion in self.seen:
raise ValueError("Upgrader cycle", self.steps, upgrader.toVersion)
def pushNew(self, upgrader):
copy = self.copy()
return copy
def firstVersion(self):
return self.steps[0].toVersion
def lastVersion(self):
return self.steps[-1].toVersion
def addToGraph(self, graph):
prev = None
for origUpgrader in self.steps:
upgrader = origUpgrader.copy()
if prev is not None:
upgrader.dependencies.append((prev.tableName, prev.toVersion))
prev = upgrader
def __str__(self):
return "\n".join("-> %s: %s" % (u.toVersion, u.upgrader) for u in self.steps)
class UpgradeStepGraph(object):
def __init__(self):
self.nodes = {}
self.edges = {}
def addUpgrader(self, upgrader):
self.nodes[(upgrader.tableName, upgrader.toVersion)] = upgrader
def calculateEdges(self):
for fromKey, upgrader in self.nodes.iteritems():
if fromKey not in self.edges:
self.edges[fromKey] = set()
for toKey in upgrader.dependencies:
if toKey not in self.nodes:
raise ValueError(
"Upgrader %s has unmet dependency on %s"
% (upgrader, toKey))
def topologicalSort(self):
edges = self.edges.copy()
path = []
while True:
freeKeys = set(key for (key, deps) in edges.iteritems() if not deps)
if not freeKeys:
edges = dict((key, deps - freeKeys) for (key, deps) in edges.iteritems()
if key not in freeKeys)
if edges:
raise ValueError(
"Cyclic upgrader dependencies", self.edges)
return [self.nodes[key] for key in path]
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