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README                                        March 2015                           C. Brenhin Keller

This distribution contains a set of data and code (mostly Matlab, some C) used to compare the major and trace element geochemistry of volcanic and plutonic whole rock data. All code is released under a GPLv2 open-source license (see LICENSE).

Most code in this distribution is in the form of simple Matlab scripts and functions, which can be called from the Matlab command prompt or interactively in the Matlab GUI. The only required installation is to add the VolcanicPlutonic folder to your Matlab path. The C code (used to coordinate MELTS simulations) is system-dependent and requires compilation, as discussed in the HPCalphamelts README.


montecarloVP.m - Run full bootstrap resampling simulation in parallel. Requires Matlab parallel 
		 computation toolbox as written, but can be easily modified to run in serial by replacing 
		 the parfor loop on line 128 with a standard for loop and commenting out the 'Create n 
		 matlab workers' code on lines 58-66.

mctaskVP.m - A subroutine of montecarloVP responsible for resampling and binning

montecarloVPtest.m - Create a pre-resampled dataset for quick examination of volcanic-plutonic trends

plotmcVolcPlutvariable - Plot trends from the pre-resampled dataset

* - Compressed ASCII files of raw volcanic and plutonic whole-rock data. Delimited by semicolon 
            (;) to avoid collision with commas in references

screenoutliers*.m - Automatic outlier rejection criteria for volcanic and plutonic data

*.mat - Structs containing whole-rock data, saved in matlab .mat format

functions	[directory]
    An assortment of common subroutines used by other Matlab scripts in the distribution

geolprov 	[directory]
    findgeolprov.m - Assigns samples a tectonic setting based on their geographic location
    geolprov.mat  - A matrix of tectonic settings by latitude and longitude with 0.1 degree 
		    latitude  resolution and 1/6 degree longitude resolution.
HPCalphamelts	[directory]
    Parallel codes written in C using MPI to coordinate many (up to many millions) of MELTS 
    simulations minimizing to an observed differentiation path to attempt to invert for conditions
    of differentiation. However, inverted results are model-dependant (based on MELTS) and 
    potentially nonunique. See HPCalphamelts README.

morb		[directory] - Compressed CSV of raw MOR data
    screenoutliersMORB.m - Automatic outlier rejection criteria for MORB data
    morb.mat - Screened MORB dataset
    mcMORB.m - Generate provisional bootstrap-resampled MORB dataset

partition_coefficients	[directory]
    *.txt - Text files of partition coefficient data downloaded from Geochemical Earth Reference Model
    importpartitioncoeffs.m - Import partition coefficients from text files
    convertPartitionCoeffs.m - Fit partition coefficient data as a function of magma SiO2
    monteCarloFit.m - Subroutine used in partition coefficient fitting
    partitioncoeffsdataOrig.mat - Struct of imported partition coefficient data
    partitioncoeffsdata.mat - Struct of fitted partition coefficient data


Data and source code associated with "Volcanic–plutonic parity and the differentiation of the continental crust" by Keller et al. (2015)







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