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Coding Challenges

Table of Contents:


Solutions with tests, tips and tutorials for Codewars katas. Almost every kata has a long solution and a shorter one, IMHO a long descriptive solution it's preferred over a cryptic one-liner, unless it's understandable for your entire team.

What is Codewars? Codewars is a web page where you can face programming challenges and improve your skills. Codewars was structured in Katas. The word "kata" cames from the Japanese and it is associated with training in martial arts. The conceptual idea here is just the same. You use katas (problems) to practice and improve your skills alone or with others at the language you want.

The Katas are structured on different kyu's (levels). These are:

Kata Kyu:

Rank Kyu
Proficient 1 kyu - 2 kyu
Competent 3 kyu - 4 kyu
Novice 5 kyu - 6 kyu
Beginner 7 kyu - 8 kyu


  • Codewarriors are strongly encouraged not to look at your solutions to Kata until they have completed it themselves or at least took the time to think about their own approaches.
  • Codewarriors should not submit your solutions as their own.
  • You will not be accepting contributions of any form to this repo.
  • Creating a repository like this is discouraged by Codewars.

Learning Resources

More Helpful Resources

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All work is written under the FreeBSD 2-Clause License, see LICENSE for more details.

Inspired by @Indglante's repository!


A repository for my solutions to various programming problems on Code Wars and LeetCode.