IRC chatbot written in C.
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CBot is an IRC chatbot written entirely in C!


  • Plugin based architecture: all bot features are implemented as dynamically loaded plugins.
  • Plugins handle events that they match based on regular expression (which is my own regex implementation!)
  • Plugins can perform the following actions:
    • Send to a channel or user.
    • Send an "action" message (/me does something)
  • Plugins can handle the following events:
    • Normal channel message.
    • Action message in a channel.
    • User joining and leaving a channel.

Future Work

  • Handle/send invitations to channels.
  • Handle kick messages. Maybe kick people?
  • Be able to send messages.
  • Be able to join/leave channels.
  • Provide list of users in a channel.
  • Allow plugins to keep state.

Plugin List

  • name: Responds to questions about CBot with a link to the github.
  • help: An outdated command listing.
  • karma: Tracks the karma of various words.
  • greet: Say hi back to people, as well as greet when they enter a channel, and say bad things when they leave.
  • sadness: Responds to some forms of insult with odd comebacks.
  • emote: CBot will echo what you said in an ACTION (/me) message.

Building and Running


  • libircclient: On Arch Linux, the package is libircclient. For Ubuntu, I would guess you need to run sudo apt-get install libircclient-devel, but I haven't tried it myself. You can also statically link to libircclient, by simply passing LIBIRCCLIENT_LOCAL=yes as an argument to make, which will download, build, and link libircclient into CBot correctly.
  • libstephen: Simply run git submodule init and git submodule update in the repository root. Any time the libstephen version is updated, you'll probably need to run git submodule update again.

Compiling: just run make. Running: run bin/release/cbot with the following arguments:

  1. Either cli or irc, depending on whether you want to run locally or on a real IRC server.
  2. If you chose the irc backend, you must specify:
    • --host [hostname] - the IRC server host
    • --port [port] - the IRC server port
    • --chan [chan] - channel to join on startup
  3. Regardless of your backend, you can specify:
    • --name [name] - a name for the bot (other than cbot)
    • --plugin-dir [dir] - tell the program where your plugins reside
  4. Finally, provide a list of plugins to load. See the list above. Note that you should provide the names without the .so extension.

Plugin API

Here's a brief rundown of how to write a plugin:

  • Create [somename].c.

  • Inside, write a function void [somename]_load(cbot_t *bot, cbot_register_t registrar). For now, leave it blank. Make sure to also #include "cbot/cbot.h" at the top.

  • Now, create a handler function. This is the heart of a plugin. It handles an event by taking some action on it. So, it will have the following signature: void give_me_a_name(cbot_event_t event, cbot_actions_t actions).

  • The event argument is a struct with:

    • const cbot_t* bot - a pointer to the bot
    • cbot_event_type_t type - the type of event (described later)
    • const char *channel - the channel name associated with the event
    • const char *username - the username associated with the event
  • The action argument has two functions in it:

    • send, which has signature void send(const cbot_t *bot, const char *dest, const char *format, ...). It is like printf in that it accepts a format string and a variable number of arguments. It can send to a channel or a user.
    • me, which has the same signature as send. Its only difference is that it sends an "action" or /me message.
  • After you've written your handler function (or at least declared it), go back to your [somename]_load function. Put the following function call in it:

    registrar(bot, CBOT_CHANNEL_MSG, give_me_a_name);
  • The argument CBOT_CHANNEL_MSG tells cbot that this handles a message in a channel. You can handle the following additional events:

    • CBOT_CHANNEL_ACTION: an action message in a channel
    • CBOT_JOIN: a person joining a channel (could be CBot itself)!
    • CBOT_PART: a person leaving a channel
  • The give_me_a_name function will be called for every channel message.

  • Put the C file in the plugins/ directory, and use the makefile to build! Tada!


This project is under the Revised BSD license. Please see LICENSE.txt for details.