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CBot is an IRC chatbot written entirely in C!

Why would you do that? Because I can.


  • Plugin based architecture: all bot features are implemented as dynamically loaded plugins.
  • Plugins can handle events such as:
    • channel & direct messages (filtered by regex)
    • user joins / leaves, and nickname changes
  • Plugins can respond to events by:
    • sending channel and direct messages
    • joining channels
    • setting user "op" mode
    • changing bot nickname
  • The bot and plugins can be configured via a libconfig file, allowing for lots of flexibility.
  • Plugins can store data in a persistent sqlite database. CBot comes with a straightforward schema migration system, and a set of macros which can help write query functions.
  • The entire bot framework is based on a lightweight threading system and event loop. This allows asynchronous I/O code, such as HTTP requests, to cooperatively multitask with the IRC loop without launching true OS threads and dealing with concurrency.
  • Several small utility APIs exist to assist in writing plugins:
    • Dynamic arrays, hash table, linked list, string builder via sc-collections
    • Tokenizing API for turning messages into command arguments via a simple quoting system
    • Argument parsing API via sc-argparse, in case you want to go full UNIX
    • String templating/formatting API based on callbacks

Plugin List

  • name: Responds to questions about CBot with a link to the github.
  • help: An outdated command listing.
  • [sql]karma: Tracks the karma of various words. The SQL variation uses persistent storage
  • know: You can tell cbot to "know" what things are and ask it later. EG "cbot know that Taylor Swift is awesome", and then "cbot what is Taylor Swift?"
  • greet: Say hi back to people, as well as greet when they enter a channel, and say bad things when they leave.
  • sadness: Responds to some forms of insult with odd comebacks.
  • emote: CBot will echo what you said in an ACTION (/me) message.
  • sqlknow: Stores knowledge about various terms: know that X is Y, and regurgitates this knowledge on command: what is X?
  • become: users can change the bot nickname...
  • who: lists out the users in the channel, beware
  • tok: a simple demo of "command tokenizing"
  • log: message logging
  • reply: a configurable plugin for triggering responses to messages matching regex

Build & Run

See doc/ for details on build / install.

Plugin API

See doc/ for a details on plugin development.


This project is under the Revised BSD license. Please see LICENSE.txt for details.


IRC chatbot written in C.




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