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libstephen is a C library that provides a number of basic tools for C programming. I primarily started it so I could implement some data structures in C, and now it is the basis for some of my other C programming projects. Its features include:

Data Structures

  • Linked list (ll)
  • Array list (al)
  • Hash table (ht)
  • Bit field (bf)
  • Character buffer (similar to a string builder in Java)


  • Unit testing framework (su)
  • Command line argument parser
  • Logging framework
  • Regular expressions


This project is built with CMake. Typical usage involves creating a build directory (mkdir build), entering it (cd build), running CMake on the source directory (cmake ..), and finally compiling with make (make).

The more compact way is to run:

cmake -Bbuild -H. && cmake --build build

Even though I use CMake, I still have a Makefile to automate CMake tasks, so you can do make release and make debug to automatically CMake and build those configurations, and make test to CMake, build, and run some tests in the debug configuration.


If you want documentation on this library, well you're in luck! One of the things I have experimented with is automatically producing and publishing up-to-date documentation. You can find documentation up-to-date with master in the documentation section of the tool site. This includes both tutorial/commentary style documentation, as well as function-level documentation generated from the code.

You can generate this documentation yourself by running the command make doc in the project root directory. This requires CMake, Doxygen, Python, Sphinx, and the sphinx-rtd-theme to be installed.

Test Coverage

This library uses its own unit testing framework to test itself. Coverage information is recorded by the program gcov, aggregated by the program lcov, and converted into a very nice HTML file by genhtml. This is very useful for detecting what code needs tests. To generate test coverage information, run the following command. at the project root:

$ make cov

At which point you can open the file cov/index.html in a browser and view the test coverage info. Alternatively, you can find the latest test coverage information on the libstephen tool site.


My most up-to-date ideas are now maintained on the GitHub Issues


Copyright (c) 2013-2016, Stephen Brennan. All rights reserved. Released under the Revised BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.


My own C library. Probably don't use it.




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