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This is a command line minesweeper game in C.

Compiling & Running

Just run make to build. The binary is bin/release/main.


To play, run bin/release/main. You're presented with a blank board. You can start typing commands. The commands are a single character, followed by a row, a comma, and a column. Here are the possible commands right now:

  • d ROW,COL: Dig. This is what clicking normally is in minesweeper.
  • f ROW,COL: Flag. This places a flag.
  • u ROW,COL: Unflag. This removes a flag.
  • r ROW,COL: Reveal. Use this to dig all the neighbors of a cell marked with the number n, when you have already flagged the n neighbors that have mines.
  • q: Quit. Use this if you're doing really poorly and just want to give up.
  • h: Help. Just lists all the commands.

Whitespace doesn't matter too much. d 0, 3, d0,3, d0, 3, d 0,3, and d 0 , 3 are all OK. You can also (theoretically) enter multiple commands on one line (separated by whitespace).


This code is under the terms of the Revised BSD License. See the file LICENSE.txt for more details.