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wip sudoku solver that visualizes each step it makes

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This project is meant to allow interactively working through a sudoku puzzle with a custom solver algorithm, so that a user can watch each step the solver takes and understand why.

We have three components here, with different "interfaces":

  1. Sudoku class. This holds the whole game state and allows it to be updated by the other components. It also contains lots of useful generator-based functions for iterating over game cells, which are useful for the other components.
  2. Solver class. This guy simply takes a game and produces a list of moves to make. It should not directly edit the game, simply yield events which can be applied to the game.
  3. Display class. This owns a reference to the game and any solvers which we want to use. It sets game event handlers and updates the display when things change. It also allows the user to make changes to the game state, or request a new move from a solver.

Sudoku methods

  • constructor(degree): return new instance of that degree
  • setDigit(row, column, digit)
    • Sets the digit at row and column, raises an error if it was already set.
    • Updates the possibilities of its row + column + block to adjust for the new digit. If this results in a cell having empty possibilities, errors.
    • Corresponds to setDigit event.
  • erasePossibility(row, column, digit)
    • Mark that digit isn't possible at row, column.
    • Corresponds to erasePossibility event.
  • addHandler(id, fn)
    • Add fn as a handler for game events, using id as a name.
    • Use removeHandler() to unregister.
    • Handlers receive events, which are objects having a field event which contains an event name, as well as other fields corresponding to the args for that event type. EG setDigit events look like: { "event": "setDigit", "row": 0, "column": 5, "digit": 3 }
  • removeHandler(id) - remove handler with given id


  • degree: degree of the game
  • val: 2D row,column indexed value array
  • poss: 3D row,column,digit indexed boolean array of possibilities
  • must never be modified except via methods!


  • Event handling by solvers & displays should not modify (or call any methods which modify) the game.
  • Solvers will be called by the display when a new solution is requested.


wip sudoku solver that visualizes each step it makes






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