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YAMS: Awesome MIPS Server

Team HKNSoc (pronounced “hack-in-sock”)

  • Stephen Brennan (smb196)
  • Katherine Cass (krc53)
  • Jeffrey Copeland (jpc86)
  • Andrew Mason (ajm188)
  • Thomas Murphy (trm70)
  • Aaron Neyer (agn31)


This project is a static HTTP server in MIPS, using MARS as a simulator. Sockets are implemented by extending MARS syscalls in Java. The server serves static content from the html directory. Features of YAMS include:

  • Limited support for GET and POST requests, and standard HTTP responses.
  • Support for serving large files (albeit slowly).
  • Brainfuck interpreter accessed via POST request:
    • A web interface for this is available at brainfuck.html.
    • Code is POSTed to /load.
    • Input is POSTed to /run, and output is returned.

How to Load Required Javascript Submodules

YAMS serves all required resources for our webpages. One resource, for our presentation, is reveal.js. We linked to their git repository. If you got this by cloning the repository, you'll need to load the submodule.

  • Run git submodule init.
  • Run git submodule update.

How to Run Modded MARS

This has been tested on Linux and Mac. It almost certainly supports Windows, however we have not tested this. We cannot guarantee lack of unexpected behavior. Our extension to MARS requires Java 7+ to compile correctly.

  • Run make mars
  • Call java -jar Mars4_5-SockMod.jar (or double click the JAR, or something)
  • Enjoy!