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Trip Planning Template

Bookings/Reservations Status

Thing to Book Booked?
Thing One. or
Thing Two. or
Thing Three. or
Thing Four. or


THR 21 FRI 22 SAT 23 SUN 24. MON 25 TUE 26 WED 27 THR 28 FRI 01. SAT 02
鉁堬笍 1锔忊儯 鉁堬笍 2锔忊儯 In City A In City A 馃彣 2锔忊儯 In City B In City B 馃彣 4锔忊儯 In City A 馃彣 6锔忊儯
馃彣 1锔忊儯 馃殐 1锔忊儯 馃殨 2锔忊儯 鉁堬笍 3锔忊儯
馃殐 2锔忊儯 馃殐 5锔忊儯 鉁堬笍 4锔忊儯
馃殠 1锔忊儯 馃殐 6锔忊儯
馃殐 3锔忊儯 馃殠 2锔忊儯
馃殐 4锔忊儯 馃殐 7锔忊儯
馃殨 1锔忊儯 馃殐 8锔忊儯
馃彣 3锔忊儯 馃彣 5锔忊儯

Legend; All dates and times local


  • 鉁堬笍 1锔忊儯: Plane departure information
  • 鉁堬笍 2锔忊儯: Plane arrival information
  • 鉁堬笍 3锔忊儯: Plane departure information
  • 鉁堬笍 4锔忊儯: Plane arrival information


  • 馃彣 1锔忊儯: Hotel One checkin
  • 馃彣 2锔忊儯: Hotel One checkout
  • 馃彣 3锔忊儯: Hotel Two checkin
  • 馃彣 4锔忊儯: Hotel Two checkout
  • 馃彣 5锔忊儯: Hotel Three checkin
  • 馃彣 6锔忊儯: Hotel Three checkout


  • 馃殐 1锔忊儯: Train One departure
  • 馃殐 2锔忊儯: Train One arrival
  • 馃殐 3锔忊儯: Train Two departure
  • 馃殐 4锔忊儯: Train Two arrival
  • 馃殐 5锔忊儯: Train Three departure
  • 馃殐 6锔忊儯: Train Three arrival
  • 馃殐 7锔忊儯: Train Four departure
  • 馃殐 8锔忊儯: Train Four arrival

Busses & Cabs

  • 馃殠 1锔忊儯: Bus between train stations A and B
  • 馃殠 2锔忊儯: Bus between train stations B and A
  • 馃殨 1锔忊儯: Taxi needed between station B and Hotel B
  • 馃殨 2锔忊儯: Taxi needed between Hotel B and station B

Flight Information

  • Booking reference:
  • Timings:

Train Information

  • Booking reference:
  • Timings:

馃挕 Ideas / Wouldn't It Be Neat If...

  • We could see Thing A!
  • What about dinner at this one fun place?
  • <3