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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Simple demo of how to print to console using colors.
__author__ = "Breno RdV"
__copyright__ = "Breno RdV @"
__contact__ = ""
__license__ = "MIT"
__version__ = "01.000"
__maintainer__ = "Breno RdV"
__status__ = "Demonstration"
class printer():
"""Class to print using colors. """
_colors_ = {
**dict.fromkeys(("RED", "ERROR", "NO"), "\033[1;31m"),
**dict.fromkeys(("GREEN", "OK", "YES"), "\033[0;32m"),
**dict.fromkeys(("YELLOW", "WARN", "MAYBE"), "\033[0;93m"),
"BLUE": "\033[1;34m",
"CYAN": "\033[1;36m",
"RESET": "\033[0;0m",
"BOLD": "\033[;1m",
"REVERSE": "\033[;7m"
def _get_color_(self, key):
"""Gets the corresponding color ANSI code... """
return self._colors_[key]
return self._colors_["RESET"]
def print(self, msg , color="RESET"):
"""Main print function..."""
# Get ANSI color code.
color = self._get_color_(key=color)
# Printing...
print("{}{}{}".format(color, msg, self._colors_["RESET"]))
def error(self, msg):
"""Print message in red..."""
self.print(msg=msg, color="RED")
def success(self, msg):
"""Print message in green..."""
self.print(msg=msg, color="GREEN")
def warning(self, msg):
"""Print message in yellow..."""
self.print(msg=msg, color="YELLOW")
if __name__ == "__main__":
p = printer()
p.success("SUCCESS Test...")
p.warning("WARN Test...")
p.error("ERROR Test...")
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