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// ANRepresentation.h
// AppNetKit
// Created by Brent Royal-Gordon on 8/18/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Architechies. See for licensing information.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "ISO8601DateFormatter.h"
// Sent when the resource is updated; the resource is the object, and there is no userInfo.
extern NSString * const ANResourceDidUpdateNotification;
@class ANSession;
@class ANEntitySet;
@protocol ANTextualResource <NSObject>
@property (nonatomic,readonly) NSString * text;
@property (nonatomic,readonly) NSString * HTML;
@property (nonatomic,readonly) ANEntitySet * entities;
@property (nonatomic,readonly) NSDictionary * entitiesRepresentation;
@interface ANResource : NSObject
- (id)initWithRepresentation:(NSDictionary*)rep session:(ANSession*)session;
@property (readonly,weak,nonatomic) ANSession * session;
@property (readonly,strong,nonatomic) NSDictionary * representation;
+ (ISO8601DateFormatter*)dateFormatter;
+ (NSNumberFormatter*)IDFormatter;