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A bare Rails 3 / Heroku app

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This is a bare Ruby on Rails 3 app that has been configured for deployment on Heroku. The steps below were all that was needed.

On Heroku, the app lives at

Heroku Documentation

Create Heroku account

Create new app

rails myapp  
cd myapp

Install Heroku gem - add to Gemfile

gem 'heroku'  
bundle install

Add ssh keys for Heroku

heroku keys:add

Regularly update Heroku gem

gem update heroku

Initialize with git

git init  
touch .gitignore

add appropriate entries to .gitignore

git add .  
git commit -m 'Initial commit'

Create new Github repo

git remote add origin
git push origin master

Create app on Heroku

heroku create rukoreh --stack bamboo-mri-1.9.2

Deploy app to Heroku

heroku config:add BUNDLE_WITHOUT=development:test
git push heroku master

Setup database

heroku rake db:migrate

Next steps

  • Develop and test changes locally.
  • Commit code to git.
  • Push changes to github with git push origin master
  • Push your changes to Heroku with git push heroku
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