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Welcome to OpenRespirator

This is an open source hardware project to allow makers and the public to assemble mechanical respirators (aka. "Ventilators", "breathing machines") and/or intubation kits that could be used by medical professionals.

Why is this Needed?

The COVID-19 global pandemic is approaching. Health authorities estimate that we will have a shortage of lifesaving intubation devices/materials to meet the needs of those most severely affected.

Project Goals

  • Determine exactly what intubation equipment or consumables are most likely to be in short supply.
  • For those items, develop designs for alternative items that could be fabricated from available materials.
  • Publish step-by-step instructions for the assembly of these items.
  • Assist those undertaking builds.
  • Help coordinate delivery of assembled items to medical facilities.


We need your participation as a contributor. Help us figure out what is needed, how to make it, and how to get it to medical professionals. We especially need the council and knowledge of medical professionals, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Get started right now:

  • Watch and Star this project
  • Email to be added as a collaborator on this project.
  • Log an Issue
  • Contribute to the Wiki
  • Upload files to the Code area