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There Be Wizards In Here!

My current vim setup.

Uses Vundle.


  cd ~/
  git clone

  ln -s vim-settings/.vimrc
  ln -s vim-settings/.vim

  cd vim-settings

  git submodule update --init
  git submodule foreach git checkout master

  vim +PluginInstall +qall

Update Plugins

  vim +PluginUpdate +qall

Common Commands

cmd description
\w Save all buffers
\{-,=} Resize vertically split windows
space Search
ctrl-w+space Clear search
ctrl-w+m :make
ctrl-w+c :close
ctrl-w+{s,S} Toggle spell check
ctrl-p Runs :CtrlPMixed
ctrl-n Runs :CtrlPBuffer
ctrl-b Runs :CtrlPTag
ctrl-e+f Runs :NerdTreeToggle
ctrl-{h,j,k,l} Move around windows
ctrl-V Paste from clipboard
Ack WORD Search and display lines matched. o opens files
ctrl-w+e Run Syntastic
ctrl-w+E Close Syntastic
ctrl-w+b Toggle Tagbar
ctrl-w+g Toggle Gundo
\t Close tab
:tabe [path] Open tab

Adding Custom Commands Per Directory

If you have a .vim.custom file in the CWD, it will be evaluated (last).


Be sure to install any checkers (rubocop, rubycritic, etc) via:

Ack Plugin

Install via:

You might also need to add this to your shell config:

alias ack="ack-grep"