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Introduction to R jupyter notebooks in a notebook
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Introduction to R.ipynb

Introduction to R Notebooks

This is a set of short tutorial files designed to introduce you to using R notebooks. It is written to help you run Jupyter Notebooks, and focuses on using Microsoft Azure but applies more generally.

Notebooks such as Jupyter are a way to combine code, images, text, graphs, all in one format. They help ensure that analysis and research is reproducible.

Summary of contents

There are three notebooks to work through. The following order is recommended.

  1. 'Introduction to R.ipynb'. This introduces the statistical software R, and use in a Jupyter notebook.
  2. 'DataAnalysis.ipynb'. This introduces some basic statistical analysis in R.
  3. 'CreateNotebook.ipynb'. This shows you how to create your own project and notebook.

Explore the notebooks on binder

You can run an interactive session to explore the notebooks on binder: Binder

Some other resources

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