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0.6 Release

  • [new] Many new Dashboard items
  • [new] Character Orders table and page
  • [bug] bootstrap-table table headers that contain icons do not align correctly with rows
  • [enhancement] Implement concurrent.futures for market and zKillboard scrapers to drastically improve performance
  • [enhancement] Migrate consumer and process items to use Supervisor
  • [enhancement] Move API items to
  • [enhancement] Organize tables into proper schema items: 'character', 'map', 'market', etc.

0.7 Release

  • [bug] On most graphs, label for line appears to the left
  • [bug] Security reports have hardcoded time range for data that calculates ratting rate
  • [new] Create freighter security index based on killmails
  • [enhancement] Add functional buttons on Settings page to control imports
  • [enhancement] Add second axis to d3js charts to denote Eve expansions
  • [enhancement] Add website favicon

0.8 Release

  • [enhancement] Learn how to use Classes and clean up utility scripts

0.9 Release

  • [enhancement] Display tags rather than numbers for severity on log pages
  • [enhancement] Research replacing cron jobs with a better solution
  • [enhancement] Organize API endpoints into a more logical pattern
  • [enhancement] PostgreSQL 9.5.1 performance tuning

1.0 Release

  • [enhancement] Create Docker image
  • [enhancement] Migrate to Python 3.x

0.4 Release (Completed)

  • [new] Creation of ship index report
  • [bug] Change timestamp for zkillboard and markethistory consumer to use UTC for mental sanity
  • [enhancement] Add 404 error page
  • [enhancement] Change to postgres 9.5.1 to support jsonb
  • [enhancement] Parameterize graph functions
  • [enhancement] Change date format in graphs to ISO for mental sanity
  • [enhancement] Standardize table formatting
  • [enhancement] Supervisor to make Flask web service persistent
  • [enhancement] Add jsonb index on data.killmails for typeID and solarSystemID
  • [enhancement] Add paging to zKillboard consumer
  • [enhancement] Add check to resume from last recorded page for zKillboard consumer
  • [enhancement] Add basic exception handling to zKillboard consumer

0.5 Release (Completed)

  • [new] Character Blueprints table and page
  • [new] Character Journal table and page
  • [new] Character Wallet table and page
  • [new] Work on data.killmails indexes to improve performance
  • [new] Create process to fill in killmails that lack JSON data or zKb values
  • [enhancement] Change graphs to exclude last 24 hours as it causes graphs to improperly trend
  • [enhancement] Personalize 404 error page
  • [enhancement] Change factionReport charts to be driven by JSON