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(ns one.sample.repl
"The starting namespace for the project. This is the namespace that
users will land in when they start a Clojure REPL. It exists to
provide convenience functions like 'go' and 'dev-server'."
(:use [clojure.repl])
(:require [ :as tools]
[ :as dev]
[ :as browse]))
(defn go
"Start a browser-connected REPL and launch a browser to talk to it."
(future (Thread/sleep 3000)
(browse/browse-url "http://localhost:8080/development"))
(defn dev-server
"Start the development server and open the host application in the
default browser."
(future (Thread/sleep 3000)
(browse/browse-url "http://localhost:8080")))
;; This is a convenience function so that people can start a CLJS REPL
;; without having to type in (tools/cljs-repl)
(defn cljs-repl
"Start a ClojureScript REPL."
(println "Type (go) to launch the development server and setup a browser-connected REPL.")
(println "Type (dev-server) to launch only the development server.")
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