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(ns leiningen.git-deps
"How this works: It clones projects into .lein-git-deps/<whatever>.
If the directory already exists, it does a git pull and git checkout."
(:require [ :as sh]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]))
;; Why, you might ask, are we using str here instead of simply def'ing
;; the var to a string directly? The answer is that we are working
;; around a bug in marginalia where it can't tell the difference
;; between the string that's the value for a def and a docstring. It
;; will hopefully be fixed RSN, because this makes us feel dirty.
(def ^{:private true
:doc "The directory into which dependencies will be cloned."}
git-deps-dir (str ".lein-git-deps"))
(defn- directory-exists?
"Return true if the specified directory exists."
(.isDirectory (io/file dir)))
(defn- default-clone-dir
"Given a git URL, return the directory it would clone into by default."
(string/join "." (-> uri
(string/split #"/")
(string/split #"\.")
(defn- exec
"Run a command, throwing an exception if it fails, returning the
result as with"
[& args]
(let [{:keys [exit out err] :as result} (apply sh/sh args)]
(if (zero? exit)
(format "Command %s failed with exit code %s\n%s\n%s"
(apply str (interpose " " args))
(defn- git-clone
"Clone the git repository at url into dir-name while working in
directory working-dir."
[url dir-name working-dir]
(apply exec (remove nil? ["git" "clone" url (str dir-name) :dir working-dir])))
(defn- git-checkout
"Check out the specified commit in dir."
[commit dir]
(println "Running git checkout " commit " in " (str dir))
(exec "git" "checkout" commit :dir dir))
(defn- detached-head?
"Return true if the git repository in dir has HEAD detached."
(let [{out :out} (exec "git" "branch" "--color=never" :dir dir)
lines (string/split-lines out)
current-branch (first (filter #(.startsWith % "*") lines))]
(when-not current-branch
(throw (Exception. "Unable to determine current branch")))
(= current-branch "* (no branch)")))
(defn- git-pull
"Run 'git-pull' in directory dir, but only if we're on a branch. If
HEAD is detached, we only do a fetch, not a full pull."
(println "Running git pull on " (str dir))
(if (detached-head? dir)
(println "Not on a branch, so fetching instead of pulling.")
(exec "git" "fetch" :dir dir))
(exec "git" "pull" :dir dir)))
(defn git-deps
"A leiningen task that will pull dependencies in via git.
Dependencies should be listed in project.clj under the
:git-dependencies key in one of these three forms:
:git-dependencies [;; First form: just a URL.
;; Second form: A URL and a ref, which can be anything
;; you can specify for 'git checkout', like a commit id
;; or a branch name.
;; Third form: A URL, a commit, and a map
{:dir \"alternate-directory\"}]]
(when-not (directory-exists? git-deps-dir)
(.mkdir (io/file git-deps-dir)))
(doseq [dep (:git-dependencies project)]
(println "Setting up dependency for " dep)
(let [[dep-url commit {clone-dir-name :dir}] dep
commit (or commit "master")
clone-dir-name (or clone-dir-name (default-clone-dir dep-url))
clone-dir (io/file git-deps-dir clone-dir-name)]
(if (directory-exists? clone-dir)
(git-pull clone-dir)
(git-clone dep-url clone-dir-name git-deps-dir))
(git-checkout commit clone-dir))))
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