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Remove dom macros

Using tempaltes makes this unnecessary.
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commit c44ef8c0883e0abb9031932dcfd91149df7eb186 1 parent 3a146de
Brenton Ashworth authored
Showing with 0 additions and 55 deletions.
  1. +0 −55 src/one/dom.clj
55 src/one/dom.clj
@@ -1,55 +0,0 @@
-(ns one.dom
- "This namespace provides the `build-om` macro which allows you to
- build up lots of Om dom nodes using a more consice syntax.")
-(defn set-class-name [attrs-map]
- (if (:class attrs-map)
- (-> attrs-map
- (assoc :className (:class attrs-map))
- (dissoc :class))
- attrs-map))
-(defn expand-attrs [attrs]
- (list 'clj->js
- (cond (string? attrs)
- {:className attrs}
- (map? attrs)
- (set-class-name attrs)
- :else attrs)))
-(defn splice-val [vals]
- (when (and (coll? (first vals))
- (= (ffirst vals) 'splice))
- (last (first vals))))
-(defn expand-node [node]
- (if (vector? node)
- (let [[type attrs & vals] node
- attrs (expand-attrs attrs)
- om-dom (symbol "om.dom" (name type))]
- (if-let [val (splice-val vals)]
- `(apply ~om-dom ~attrs ~val)
- `(~om-dom ~attrs ~@(map expand-node vals))))
- node))
-(defmacro build-om
- "Given a root node in the concise syntax, recursively expand nodes
- into `om.dom` function calls. Each node is represented as a vector
- with two or more items. The first item is the name of a function in
- the `om.dom` namespace. The second item is the attributes map. This
- may also be a string which will be interpreted as the class
- attribute. If attributes are provided as a map, you may use `:class`
- instead of `:className`. Any additional items are child nodes. If
- children are vectors then they will be recursively processed.
- A special splice node can be used and will be transformed as shown
- below
- `[div {} [splice (something-that-evals-to-a-seq)]]`
- becomes
- `(apply dom/div #js {} (something that evals to a collection))`
- "
- [root-node]
- (expand-node root-node))
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