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A webapp to find similar board games
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Boardgame Similarity Engine

This web app is meant to provide a list of similar board games from an user-input BoardGameGeek ID number using Locality Sensitive Hashing.

The app can be accessed here


This would not have been possible without data gathering assistance and rubber ducking from @gallamine and @notthatdsw as well as the following main dependencies:

Working with the library

Build the Environment

make init

Gather the Data

This library is built on a data file that contains a pandas dataframe of the top ~6000 board games (as of 2018-06-27). This data file is not included as I don't own that data but it can be built using the boardgamegeekv2 library.

Building the Locality Sensitive Hash Table

Run Local via Flask

make start

Stop or Restart Local

make stop or make restart


This system is deployed to AWS's serverless architecture using Zappa. The following commands can be used to interact with the deployment:

Initial deploy

make deploy

Update a previous deployment

make redeploy

Tear down a deployment

make remove

Get Logs

If there is an issue with the system after deployment, the aws logs can be observed using make logs


There is limited testing at the moment but tests can be run using make test

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