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Filter to Unique FASTQ


It's common to filter repeated reads from a fastq or fasta file. With recent high-throughput sequencing output reaching ... hi throughput, it's no longer feasible to hold all reads in an in-memory datastructure to determine uniqueness. is an example of using a bloom-filter as a pre-filter for a more memory intensive python set. It filters to unique sequences and prints information on the number of false positives in the bloom filter.

$ time python < /usr/local/src/methylcode/data/dme/en.wt.1.fastq > unique.fastq
36754782 records in file
checking 2525155 potential duplicates in a python set
4699 false-positive duplicates in the bloom filter

real    11m31.077s
user    11m1.937s
sys 0m23.093s
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