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rubysig.h -
created at: Wed Aug 16 01:15:38 JST 1995
#ifndef SIG_H
#define SIG_H
EXTERN int rb_trap_immediate;
#define TRAP_BEG (rb_trap_immediate=1)
#define TRAP_END (rb_trap_immediate=0)
EXTERN int rb_prohibit_interrupt;
#define DEFER_INTS {rb_prohibit_interrupt++;}
#define ALLOW_INTS {rb_prohibit_interrupt--; CHECK_INTS;}
#define ENABLE_INTS {rb_prohibit_interrupt--;}
VALUE rb_with_disable_interrupt _((VALUE(*)(),VALUE));
EXTERN int rb_trap_pending;
void rb_trap_restore_mask _((void));
EXTERN int rb_thread_critical;
void rb_thread_schedule _((void));
#if defined(HAVE_SETITIMER) && !defined(__BOW__)
EXTERN int rb_thread_pending;
# define CHECK_INTS if (!rb_prohibit_interrupt) {\
if (rb_trap_pending) rb_trap_exec();\
if (rb_thread_pending && !rb_thread_critical) rb_thread_schedule();\
/* pseudo preemptive thread switching */
EXTERN int rb_thread_tick;
#define THREAD_TICK 500
#define CHECK_INTS if (!rb_prohibit_interrupt) {\
if (rb_trap_pending) rb_trap_exec();\
if (!rb_thread_critical) {\
if (rb_thread_tick-- <= 0) {\
rb_thread_tick = THREAD_TICK;\
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