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This is a Linux Wine that substitutes for FTDI's D2XX drivers. It is effectively a shim layer between the FTDI's Linux D2XX drivers and Microsoft Windows applicatons running under Wine.

Almost all calls are emulated, except those that have no meaning under Unix. To date, however, it has been tested only with the Intronix LogicPort running under 32-bit Intel Linux. 64-bit Intel should also work.

Note that wine version >= 1.7.27 is recommended.

To install, after cloning this repository locally:

  1. confirm that you have a functioning wine version >= 1.7.27 You must it such that the desired wine executable and tools are in your $PATH.

  2. at the top level directory of the repository, type:

$ make

This will fetch the required libraries from FTDI's website and build and libftd2xx.def
  1. To add these files in your wine installation:

$ sudo make install

  1. Ensure that your users have permission to access to the USB FTDI devices. If you use udev, this will likely involve adding rules in /etc/udev/rules.d

    For example, the Intronix LogicPort might be made accessible to all users in the plugdev group by:

    sudo cp etc/udev/rules.d/81-logicport.rules /etc/udev/rules.d

    Use 81-logicport.rules as a template if you have a different device.

  2. requires that the FTDID variable be set to indicate the USB Vendor and Product ID of the FTD2xx device your Windows application controls. The syntax of the FTDID variable is either:




    Product and Vendor ID are in hexidecimal. If omitted, the Vendor is assumed to be 0403 (hex).

    For example, to start the windows application controlling Intronix LogicPort:

    $ FTDID=DC48 wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/LogicPort/LogicPort.exe

The only issue I see with LogicPort.exe running under Wine is that the command shortcut buttons do not render until one hovers the cursor over them. Thus, at most one is visible at any time. This is not really much of an issue, as the buttons do work when clicked and all their functions are also available on dropdown menus.


A Linux Wine providing the functions of FTD2XX.sys and FTD2XX.dll



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