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// Token.swift
// Ballard
// Created by Brent Simmons on 11/12/18.
// Copyright © 2018 Ranchero Software. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
// When name conflicts with a Swift keyword, the suffix "Token" is added.
struct Token {
let type: TokenType
let value: Value?
let textPosition: TextPosition
enum TokenType: Equatable {
case empty
case not
case and
case or
case equals
case notEquals
case greaterThan
case lessThan
case greaterThanEquals
case lessThanEquals
case loop
case forToken
case inToken
case whileToken
case ifToken
case elseToken
case tryToken
case block
case breakToken
case continueToken
case returnToken
case varToken
case letToken
case def
case trueToken
case falseToken
case literalString
case literalDouble
case literalInt
case identifier
case assign
case plus
case minus
case star
case slash
case percent
case plusPlus
case minusMinus
case comma
case leftParen
case rightParen
case semicolon
case leftBrace
case rightBrace
case dot
case colon
case leftBracket
case rightBracket
case at // @ (address)
case caret //^ (dereference)
case comment