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RSS reader for macOS.
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Icon NetNewsWire


It’s a free and open source feed reader for macOS.

It’s not in beta just yet. Getting close! While NetNewsWire 5.0 is feature-complete as of May 25, 2019, it has known bugs — and, surely, plenty of unknown bugs.

It supports RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, and RSS-in-JSON formats.

More info:

Also see the Technotes and the Roadmap.

Note: NetNewsWire’s Help menu has a bunch of these links, so you don’t have to remember to come back to this page.

Here’s How to Support NetNewsWire. Spoiler: don’t send money. :)


Join the Slack group to talk with other NetNewsWire users — and to help out, if you’d like to, by testing, coding, writing, providing feedback, or just helping us think things through. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to join.

Every community member is expected to abide by the code of conduct which is included in the Contributing page.

Pull Requests

See the Contributing page for our process. It’s pretty straightforward.


git clone
cd NetNewsWire
git submodule update --init

You can locally override the Xcode settings for code signing by creating a DeveloperSettings.xcconfig file locally at the appropriate path. This allows for a pristine project with code signing set up with the appropriate developer ID and certificates, and for dev to be able to have local settings without needing to check in anything into source control.

As an example, make a directory SharedXcodeSettings next to where you have this repository. An example of the structure is:


Then create a plain text file in it: SharedXcodeSettings/DeveloperSettings.xcconfig and give it the contents:


Now you should be able to build without code signing errors and without modifying the NetNewsWire Xcode project.


If your NetNewsWire Xcode project file is at: /Users/Shared/git/NetNewsWire/NetNewsWire.xcodeproj

Create your DeveloperSettings.xcconfig file at /Users/Shared/git/SharedXcodeSettings/DeveloperSettings.xcconfig

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