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Feed reader for macOS.
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It’s a free and open source feed reader for macOS.

It supports RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, and RSS-in-JSON formats.

It’s barely usable at this point. Barely. Probably not even. A whole bunch of things haven’t been done yet. (See the bug tracker).

More info:

Also see the Technotes and the Roadmap.

On accepting pull requests

It’s pretty early still, and we have strong opinions about how we want to do things, so we’re not seeking help just yet.

That said, we will seriously consider any pull requests we do get. Just note that we may not accept them, or we may accept them and do a bunch of revision.

It’s probably a good idea to let us know first what you’d like to do. (Ask on, or email, or post something to the bug tracker.)

In the future — some time after 5.0 ships — we expect to want contributions. The plan is not to make this a one-person show forever.

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