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// DatabaseArticle.swift
// Database
// Created by Brent Simmons on 9/21/17.
// Copyright © 2017 Ranchero Software. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import Articles
// Intermediate representation of an Article. Doesn’t include related objects.
// Used by ArticlesTable as part of fetching articles.
struct DatabaseArticle: Hashable {
let articleID: String
let feedID: String
let uniqueID: String
let title: String?
let contentHTML: String?
let contentText: String?
let url: String?
let externalURL: String?
let summary: String?
let imageURL: String?
let bannerImageURL: String?
let datePublished: Date?
let dateModified: Date?
let status: ArticleStatus
var hashValue: Int {
return articleID.hashValue
extension Set where Element == DatabaseArticle {
func articleIDs() -> Set<String> {
return Set<String>(map { $0.articleID })