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This section of the respository is dedicated to my presentation on Windows Server Containers for the Windows Developer. I started exploring about Containers for Windows in the fall of 2015 shortly after Microsoft announced containers for Windows Server 2016 and have continued to follow it as time allowed. What I found as I dug into this that while there’s alot of documentation out there, but I don’t feel it speaks to a key audience. Namely Windows developers. Most of the materials I found are focused on folks that are either already familiar with containers (from Linux) or are from the operations side of the house. So I wanted to come up with materials from the viewpoint of the Windows developer.

As I set out learning this new technology, there were resources I found useful. To many to share in the presentation itself, so I'm placing them here. If you've seen my presentation, I hope you enjoyed it. And I also hope these links provide you with some additional information to help drive your own journey.



Windows Containers: What, Why and How – Build 2015

Setting the Stage: The Application Platform in Windows Server 2016 – Build 2016

Windows Server containers, Docker, and an introduction to Azure Container Service – Azure Con 2015


Windows Containers Overview – MSDN Documentation

Windows Containers on Windows 10 – MSDN Documentation

What is Docker? – Tim Butler

Docker Basics: A practical starters guide – Tim Butler

http://learningdocker.com/ – unknown

Comparitive Study of Docker Engine on Windows Server vs Linux PLatform - Ajeet Singh Raina (Docker Captain)

Troubleshooting Windows Setup