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Automate visually comparing the same page across multiple servers
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Visual Server Tester


This is a small node.js script to compare pages across multiple servers using visual regression testing through pupetteer. It loops over a set of servers and compares pages against a baseline server by taking sceenshots of both and comparing them with pixelmatch. If differences are found a diff image will be saves and a notice will be logged to the console.


You need node.js installed on your system.

Clone this repository git clone (or clone your own fork)

cd visual-server-tester

npm install


Create a file to run your tests from (Based on the demo) cp demo.js yourfile.js

Update the baseline, servers, and pages arrays with the servers/pages you want to test

run node yourfile.js

The program will generate the screenshots you specified and check them. If there are any differences, it will log to the console and create diff screenshot.

Configutation Options

You can optionally pass in a fourth argument of options:

	// Width of browser in pixels for the screenshots
	width: 1280,

	// Height of browser in pixels for the screenshots
	height: 800,

	// Relative path of the folder to use for screenshots.
	screenshotPath: './screenshots',

	//Maximum event listeners allowed before throwing a warning
	maxListeners: 25,
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