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RMU personal project - January 2012 course

Created by: Brent Vatne

Use it

  1. Install dependencies: bundle install. Ensure you have a sqlite library installed that is compatible with DataMapper.
  2. Configure environment variables with Google your Google API data. Steps for setting up your Google API account can be found here. Once you have your client id and client secret, copy config/api_credentials.rb.example to config/api_credentials.rb and fill it in with your information.
  3. rake server
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:4567/

Alternatively, you give it a test run:

Elevator pitch please

The vision: Caldo is short for Calendar do, and it means soup in Spanish. It turns your Google Calendar events into todo-lists. Upon marking them as complete, the event will be immediately updated in Google calendar to visually reflect the change.

What does it currently do?

Authenticate and list events

  • Authenticate using OAuth2
  • List events by day, accesible by path /2012-01-14 (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Include events tagged as *important* 5 days before they come due.

Mark events as "completed" in Google Calendar

  • Checkboxes beside each event to mark as completed
  • Clicking will change event color to green, indicating that it was done.
  • Removing the check will change the color to grey, indicating that it is not done.

Mobile (concentrating on iPhone) specific layout

Backbone.js client side rendering of Todos

What will it do?

The above functionality is all that was planned for completion during the Mendicant University core skills course. The following features may be implemented later:

  • Choose the calendar you want to use (it uses only the primary calendar currently).
  • Get more information about the Todo - description, location, link to Google Calendar event. Hidden until toggled (hover?).
  • API access to your todos and a command line client that uses it
  • Record metadata about events - put a single tag in the title of your event to indicate that you want to record some data about it upon completion. For example "Run - {minutes}" will ask you for the number of minutes it took you to complete the task. Assuming you input 30 minutes, Caldo will rename the event to "Run - 30 minutes". this functionality has been temporarily removed
  • Also have metadata in the description - maybe number of pomodoros for example.
  • Ability to uncheck events that store data and have it ask for the variable value upon marking complete again.

Known bugs

  • Crashes on production server when calendar information contains UTF-8 characters.
  • Day is displayed on important, even if it is the day of the event

Run the tests

Uses Rspec, to run the suite: bundle install && rake Tested with: Ruby 1.9.3p0


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