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i18n find


It can be frustrating when working with a Rails project with a lot of translations to find exactly where a translation key exists, because keys are nested in yaml so you can't just search for en.home.product.title - the line it is defined on will only have title:

Use it

It's not currently a gem with an executable, so to install it you need to do:

sudo ln -s bin/i18n-find /usr/local/bin/i18n-find

i18n-find en.home.product.title
# => en.yml:130

i18n-find /Users/brent/coding/rails_project/config/locales en.home.product.title
# => en.yml:130


  • Given the current view directory, it will build the correct i18n string. (can I leverage something in Rails for this? it already does this)

Run the tests

Uses Rspec, to run the suite: bundle install && rake Tested with: Ruby 1.9.3p125

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