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A public Pomodoro timer. Someone who wants to interrupt you can check how much time you have left on your current Pomodoro and what you are working on, then subscribe to receive some kind of notification when you're free.

Also maybe:

  • People leave you a message that you see when your Pomodoro ends.
  • Stats etc for Pomodoros: interruptions, disruptions, estimates..
  • Authentication

Next things to do:

  • UI design.
  • Pause and stop timer.


Unpackaged Dependencies

node  ~> v0.8.6   # brew update node
npm   ~> v1.1.46  # npm update npm -g
grunt ~> 0.3.8    # npm install -g grunt

Once you have all of the unpackaged dependencies, run npm install from the project root.


Asset compilation

Open up a tab for Grunt to watch and automatically compile assets.

grunt watch


Open up a tab for the server.

node server.js

Restart the server everytime you make a change to the backend.


Append the test file name to bin/test and then run npm test.


git push heroku master
heroku ps:scale web=1